Museveni a big disaster to this country – Matembe

Miria Matembe

Former ethics and integrity minister Hon. Miria Matembe has described President Museveni’s longevity in power is a disaster to this country.

Speaking during the NBS TV talks-how, Matembe further added that Peace is not just the absence of guns shooting citing that President Museveni is always at war with Ugandans in terms like keeping people in stingy poverty and denying them basic needs of life.

Matembe also added a leader who promises something and does the contrary is not worth of a leader since the money she pays in taxes go to State House and then distributed to a few selected Ugandans.

“I was an ardent supporter of NRM because I read the 10 point program. One of the points was building a self-sustaining economy but now All Museveni has been doing is to just change names of programs; you remember ‘Bonna Bagagawale? It’s Luganda version of OWC” she stated.

Matembe also said that Human life doesn’t matter to Museveni. ‘In his speech I didn’t hear him talking about the increasing gender violence’.

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