Gashumba attacks URA boss for wasting taxes in ‘Useless seminars’

Gashuba (LEFT), Uganda Revenue Authority Commissioner General ,Doris Akol (RIGHT)

Ugandan activist Frank Gashumba has blasted the Uganda Revenue Authority boss for holding what he described as unnecessary and useless seminars workshop.

Gashumba insists URA has spent millions of taxpayers’ money on TV, Radio and other media platforms inviting the general public to attend regional conferences and seminars which were held in expensive hotels in Mbarara, Gulu, and Kampala yet Ugandans are even lacking what to eat.

“The irony is that whatever bright views the public would come up with counts for nothing since the budget has already been passed and cannot be amended. In fact, the budget was passed in February. What’s the point in discussing a budget which has already been passed? To me this is like giving medicine to a dead person.” Gashumba said.

he insists that workshops cannot transform this country since they are only for a chosen few who sometimes don’t driver the message back home since in most cases are organized for accountability purposes.

“If workshops and seminars were transform Uganda, this country would be like Singapore, Japan, or Norway. Every day there are countless workshops and seminars in luxury hotels like Serena, Imperial Royale, Sheraton, etc. These workshops and seminars are not organized in the interest of the people or to help them but for accountability and graft.” Gashumba added.


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