Museveni system of Governance, fake & backward – MP Mwijukye

MP. Francis Mwijjukye

Buhweju legislator Hon. Francis Mwijukye has described Uganda’s National Resistance Movement (NRM) system of governance as fake and all driven on one man decision based on try and error.

Mwijukye made this comment a few days after his return from the Bench marking tour in Bangladesh Parliament one of the most populated countries in the world.

Bangladesh has a population of 160 Million people but only has 300 legislators while Uganda with only 35 Million people had 430 legislator with more new constituencies being created.

Mwijukye adds that with such type of Divide and Rule system that was applied during the 1900, but still appearing the 21st Century never expect the country to develop.

He however insists that Uganda needs a government that is committed on service delivery not increasing party numbers in parliament and consolidating power since people’s problems are not solved when more taxpayers money is wasted in catering for huge numbers of legislators some of which spend a year without debating on the floor of parliament.


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