Stop making noise in Kampala, go to villages – Baryomunsi tips FDC

Kinkizi East MP Dr. Chris Baryomunsi

Minister Dr. Chris Baryomunsi who doubles as the Kinkizi East MP has blasted Uganda’s opposition for applying unpopular strategies to have their grievances addressed.

Speaking during the NBS Morning show program, Baryomunsi added that opposition makes a lot of Noise in city centers and ignore villages resulting into the failure of their missions.

“The opposition members make a lot of noise in Kampala but are not mobilizing people in rural areas. At the end of the day when NRM wins elections, they say NRM paid money for voters.” Baryomunsi said.

He also attacked some legislators who behave like delegates and forget about working for the local people who voted them citing an example of the former ethics and integrity Minister Hon. Miria Matembe whom he said that lost her seat after going against the people’s will.

“We are not delegates, we represent people that is why it is important to seek the view of the people. The reason why Miria Matembe lost her parliamentary seat was because her vote was unpopular. It was not founded on people’s needs. Neither did she take into consideration views of the people of Mbarara.” He stated.

Hon. Miria Matembe disagreed with the President of Uganda H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in the early 2000s when she refused to support the controversial learn limits bill that was intended to secure Museveni an opportunity to run for the Third term in office.

Matembe was later in turn demoted from the ministerial post and also faced the hotly contested race without state support something influenced her election loss.

In the same plea, about 15 years from the controversial term limits saga, apparently there also speculation of intensions by the ruling party to scrap off article 102 of the Uganda constitution that provides for presidential age limit to enable President Museveni run for another term in office after 75 years.

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