AGE LIMIT: Museveni takes money bags to West Nile

President Museveni has been in power since 1986

As the gets more curious about the controversial age limit bill President Museveni has independently started the move to stick himself in office.

Though the Ugandan constitution article 102, provides for a peaceful transition of power since one is not allowed to run for another term in office after 75 years of age.

However the mission to have this article trashed seems to be developing extra a tortoise shell that no one can break.

This weekend, President Museveni is expected in Arua to preside over the thanksgiving of Hon. Abiriga who is championing for lifting of the age limit.

Though literally one may take it as a mere thanks giving ceremony, but information reaching the Insider reveals that there is a plot to organize a public debate to have the engage in the age limit discussion.

“I can organize a talk show & hear the view of people on this matter. I have to follow what my people want because by the end of the day, they are my people, they elected me to my current position.”

Museveni will also commission some of the projects done by the government in the area and also donate some money to some extraordinary people.




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