You are a loss and a disaster to Our Country, MP Kasibante attacks Kamya

MP Moses Kasibante

The Rubaga North constituency legislator Hon. Moses Kasibante has described his longtime opponent Hon. Betty Olive Kamya as ‘a big loss’ not only to the people of Rubaga North but to the entire nation.

Speaking to the Insider on Thursday last week in Nakulabye, Kasibante said that he wonders what Rubaga Noth constituents would be saying if she had been voted as the area legislator following the reckless statements she utters about age limit and president Museveni.

“I would imagine what the Voters would be saying if she had been voted to Parliament.  She is a loss and a disaster to the entire nation”, Kasibante said.

“I personally don’t understand the relationship between Kamya and president Museveni but if she decided to surrender all she has including her brains to him, it’s her right but not our Land.” Kasibante added.

Kamya and the President

Hon. Betty Olive Namisango Kamya in 2011 general elections aspired for the country’s top most position (Presidency) on the Uganda Federal Alliance (UFA) ticket a position that gave her a lot of hype though she lost the race to president Museveni miseraby.

President Museveni hugging Kamya

Besides the fact that Kamya was on the opposition and president’s direct opponent, this gave her an opportunity of being considered to be among the leading opposition leaders unlike a year before when she was just an MP for Lubaga North constituency.

In 2016, Kamya moved a step behind when she abandoned running for presidency but instead ran for the Member of Parliament, a race she also lost to Hon. Moses Kasibante. Surprisingly shortly after the election, as President Museveni appointed her as Minister for Kampala a move that left the whole country in silence.

Five months after the appointment, on one of the National Events held in Kawempe a Kampala suburb, Kamya revealed to the president that she will spearhead the team that will hunt for him votes in Kampala come 2021.

In June, 2017, Kamya also shockeds the nation when she said president Museveni is the wisest man in the country and is more intelligent than all the 80 Cabinet ministers combined.

Such statements have sparked a lot of mixed reactions from the public with people doubting the relationship between the two leaders.


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