Wakayima regrets saving MP Semeo from being punched in Mityana

Wakayima being blocked by Police sometime back

Beleaguered Nansana Municipality Member of Parliament Wakayima Musoke Nsereko has expressed admission of guilt to his supporters over his extended help to Semeo Nsubuga during the Kabaka’s 24th Coronation Ceremony held In Mityana district during the weekend.

Speaking while appearing on Salt TV, Wakayima said that though he did the act in good faith to rescue his colleague Semeo, it’s unfortunate that the embattled legislator has not appreciated his efforts.

“I am regretting why I had to give a helping hand to my honorable colleague for he instead failed to appreciate my help. Making matters worse, My supporters are so bitter with this act of pity that I was involved in because they wanted Semeo beaten instead.” Said Wakayima.

Hon. Semeo Nsubuga was physically assaulted by journalist William Ntege aka Kyuma Kya Yesu who successfully grabbed his throat till when legislators Kato Lubwama and Hon. Musoke Nsereko came to his rescue.

However the utterances of Mr. Nsubuga after the attack irked Wakayima since the Latter decided to blame his majesty the king of Buganda and opposition MPS for his Attack.

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