Uganda not your father’s property, MP Kivumbi tells Museveni

Muwanga Kivumbi

The Butambala legislator Hon. Muwanga Kivumbi has also asserted all his weight behind the fight against the 2017 constitutional amendment.

Kivumbi made this move on Thursday night while appearing NBS Television Frontline program.

Putting more emphasis on the scheme to lift presidential Age limit, Kivumbi expressed his worry citing that President Museveni might be doomed by insisting to retain something that he never inherited from his father.

Kivumbi added that some legislators have been betrayed by the President himself who is persuading then to support the move to scrap article 102 but it’s unfortunate that they cannot see what is good for Uganda.

He however also said that its high time Uganda experienced a peaceful transfer of power citing that rushing into scrapping off age limit, takes the democratic steps Uganda has walked about a million moves back.

“By ushering in this age limit bill, we’re nearing into something more than life presidency; something like North Korea. Uganda deserves a peaceful transfer of power; my grandfather didn’t see it, I would be darned if I didn’t see it.” Kivumbi said.

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