Rwamushana says Ugandans need to Pray for peaceful Kenya elections

Raila, Uhuru

Celebrated political analyst Charles Rwomushana has called upon Ugandans to pray for neighboring Kenyans to have peaceful election.

Speaking while appearing on NBS TV on Monday morning, Rwamushana added that whatever happens affects Ugandan adding since the survival of Kenya’s economy hinges on the survival of Uganda’s economy.

Rwomushana further notes that Kenya is a country of prosperity but prosperity is not shared.

‘Though some tribes feel marginalized, In Kenya, it’s not about the voters; it’s about the arm of intelligence and military.’ He said.

However Charles also cautions that NASA is already bad citing that it’s an alliance of tribes and therefore what is happening in Kenya is not consciousness, its instinctiveness.

He also says that Vulnerability of Kenya in terms of configurations makes it easy for other parties who would want to plunge it in civil war What is now critical in not the headquarters, it’s the polling stations, the protector of the stability in Kenya largely depends on the interests of imperial power It wasn’t the population that erupted itself, the politicians who rigged the election cause it In a related incidence the Uganda Political critic said Anticipation defines Uganda.

“Amin also used to anticipate and prepare the state Kenya comes from the word ‘Abakeni’ meaning visitors; Kenyatta means ‘light of visitors’. It’s a land of immigrants “Voter turnout is going to be good. The population is electrified but it’s dangerous to vote with anger.” He cautioned.

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