Shame as Passenger collapses at Entebbe Airport, Fails to get Medical Aid


Airport staff and passengers attend to the Victim

Unidentified passenger today collapsed at the Entebbe International while in line to exit via immigration points.

Sources have intimated to us that passenger lied helpless on the floor for about 40 minutes to the shock and awe of other passengers with no simple medical help to the victim.

While Uganda is one of the world’s top tourist destination countries, there was no sign of any medical help for a simple first aid case at the time of the unfortunate event at the mighty International Airport managed by the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Sources indicate that, the victim was rescued by a security personnel who devised means at the instructions of other fellow passengers.

“While we were in line to exit via immigration, a passenger fainted! Please believe me when I say that there was no medical personnel available. Even after we cleared with immigration (40 mins later) that lady was still on the floor. The staff who attended to her took instructions from other passengers. The airport is very quick to pull you out of line to vaccinate you for a fee but cannot provide Emergency Medical Assistance when needed. Why?” one of the passengers lamented.

It was further revealed that standards at the airport are declining as there is no ramp or an elevator to help moving of the luggage especially to the elderly.

“There were a lot of the elderly people struggling (with bags) to walk from the Parking level to the Departures level as there is no ramp or elevator’’, the passenger added.

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