Burundi intensifies crackdown on Al-shabab, deploys more troops

Troops arrive in Somalia

Burundi National Defence Forces serving with AMISOM has carried out a rotation of troops for a peace keeping mission in Somalia on August 22nd 2017.

The 44th and 45th battalions replace the 38th and 39th battalions that have just accomplished their one year mission.

130 soldiers from the 45th battalion took a flight from Bujumbura International Airport early this morning in destination to Mogadishu.

They join their battalion and the 44th that were recently sent to replace the 38th and 39th battalions.

“The 44th battalion has already gone and the 38th regained the country after one year mission in Somalia.

Burundian contingent has been serving in the African Union Mission in Somalia-AMISOM for the past ten years and is the second largest one with more than 5,400 troops after Uganda.


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