The Heart of the Gen. Muntu Presidential bid 2017 – 2022.

The facts that can never be disputed. How Gen. Mugisha Muntu has walked the talk. Its now visible to those who are lazy at research that FDC is some great work in progress.

FDC was formed on the 16th Day of December 2004. The party has since participated in three general elections accordingly,

In 2006, FDC got 2.52 m votes ( 37.6%), won 41 Mp seats, 10 District chairperson seats, won 567 District and Sub county councilors and 44 Sub county Chairpersons.

In 2011, FDC got 2.06 m votes ( 27.5% ), won 35 MP seats, won two Chairperson seats, 675 District and Sub County Councilors, 3 Municipality Mayors, 55 Sub County Chairpersons
NB. FDC reclaimed Kasese Woman MP seat, won Jinja East Constituency in the by election and Ishaka Municipality all in 2012. In 2012, FDC won in the by election Kamuli LC V Chairperson seat. In 2014, FDC won Amuru Woman MP seat. Therefore the number of MPs increased from 35 to 38 in the 8th Parliament and District Chairpersons from 2 to 3.

In 2016, FDC got 3.52 M votes, won 36 MP seats, 5 district Chairpersons, 1307 district and sub county councilors.

NB. FDC lost the following MP seats, Hon. Jack Sabiiti Rukiga County, Hon. Amuriat Oboi Kumi County, Hon. Alice Alaso Asianut Serere , Hon. Femia Wadada Sironko Woman MP, Hon. Ibi Florence Ekwau Woman MP Kaberamaido, Hon. Christopher Acire Gulu Municipality ( Acholi elders including FDC leaders had left the seat for Chairman Mao) , Hon. Kassiano Ezat Wadri Terego County, Hon. Abia Christine Bako Arua Woman seat, Hon. Beatrice Anywar stood as independent for Kitgum Municipality where FDC fielded another candidate, Hon. Francis Epetait Ngora County and Hon. Omoro Peter Soroti County didn’t offer themselves again and the new candidates lost.

NB. The following FDC MP candidates won in 2016 General Elections according to the DR Forms and weren’t declared winner by EC, instead their opponents were declared; Hon. Ekanya Geofrey, Hon. Mwiru Paul, Hon. Badogi Ismail, Hon. Ochola Steven, Hon. Abed Nasser Mudiobole, Hon. Sasaga Isiah and High Court pronounced itself on the same.
Hon. Okumu Reagan and Hon. PP Okin Ojara were endorsed as party candidates but due to our internal administrative weaknesses, they stood as Independents and won.

However, FDC won 14 new Parliamentary seats and reclaimed for old seats that had been lost in 2011 bringing the number to 17 MP seats. Soroti Municipality, Nwoya, Agago and Otuke Counties.

We are moving Forward, One Uganda One People

Kaaya Rajab Sema

Research/Media Team

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