Kabushenga fired for turning himself “Mr. Fix it”

Robert Kabushenga

President Yoweri Museveni has directed Vision Group Chief Executive Officer Robert Kabushenga to step down, and handover all necessary office instruments within two months.

Sources have revealed to us that President Museveni has given Kabushenga up to end of October to arrange his dishonorable exit from the Industrial Area based Government owned newspaper.

Sources say President Museveni is incensed with Kabushenga for turning himself into a power brocker with in the corridors of power, instead doing the job he appointed him to do.

It is said that Kabushenga had turned himself into ‘Mr. Fix it’ for troubled politicians and high end technocrats who would be struggling for favors from the head of state.

We are told that using his connections in State House, Kabushenga would line through his insider contacts to forward melting reports about such people and subsequently securing them appointments with President Museveni.

It is said that during such meetings, these awe-struck and crestfallen Ugandans would pile a mountain of praises on Kabushenga and would further thank President Museveni for having identified and posted the Kanungu man in the best suited position at the New Vision.

The source say that the above development infuriated President Musevni that he had to personally instruct a secret team to investigate the character of the New Vision CEO as early as January 217. We are told that the report was ready in two weeks’ time which President Musveni kept to himself.

Sources also say that President Museveni is also incensed with the New Vision team for publishing stories that are giving the country an economic hit with Kabushenga in the watch.

It is said that Museveni was not amused with the New Vision stance on publishing such stories relating to the Crane Bank and Bank of Uganda depicting a bad economy and poor management of the Country affairs.


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