Churches are now Centers of Witchcraft and Wizardly, MP Odonga Otto

Hon. Odonga Otto

Due to the past rants that have stirred public doubts about the different beliefs especially among the Pentecostal people, Members of parliament have called for the hard-hitting laws to regulate churches and other faith based organizations in the Country.

During Plenary yesterday, MP Odonga otto tasked Government to explain why there has not been any action taken by the authorities while the unsuspecting Ugandans are being misled, exploited, undermined and robbed off their hard earned incomes.

‘’Is there anyone regulating the number of churches that are opening? Is there anyone regulating and monitoring them? Most churches have now turned into centers of witch craft and wizardly in the Country”? Is there anyone supervising?”,  Otto said.

State Minister for Ethics and Integrity Simon Lokodo, told the MPs that he would soon formulate a policy to regulate all Faith Based Organizations.

‘’The role will be to register and monitor faith based organizations and their registration will base on how genuine they are. Trust us, because we will be able to identify these churches in all areas in the country’’, Lokodo said.

This follows after a renowned city slay prophet Elvis Mbonye organized a very expensive dinner which he not only exploited congregation but also made them to honor him instead of God.

After this dinner, photos of men kissing the prophet’s feet went viral on different social media platforms and many people referred to them as dehumanization of mankind.

There have been other unrealistic actions that have been done by different pastors like selling holy rice and burning bibles so as to increase on the number of believers that they have.



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