Fire Anite for speaking recklessly, MPs tip Museveni a head of age limit motion

Minister Anite

As the mood of has continuously changed ahead of the Thursday’s controversial age limit setting, some legislators have expressed their motive to have the motion trashed in its infantry stages.

News reaching our desk reveals that some ruling party members are increasingly demanded the party chairman, President Yoweri Museveni, to suspend minister Evelyn Anite for speaking recklessly on security issues at a critical moment when the party is battling with the private members bill to have article 102b scrapped from the Uganda constitution.

In the same plea, the Kumi woman legislator Hon. Monique Amoding the only NRM MP who broadly rejected the move to pass the pro age-limit private members bill, added that Failure to suspend Anite will see the legislators collect signatures to have her kicked out of the august house.

On Thursday, Minister Anite said that the national army was available to protect her team which is championing the scrapping of the age limit clause from the constitution.

However UPDF also responded distancing itself from the embattled minister saying it is non-partisan, national in character, professional, disciplined and subordinate to civilian authority.

This is not the first time Minister Evelyn Anite has become controversial, in 2014 the former Northern Region Youth Member of Parliament rose to fame during the National Resistance movement (NRM) Kyangwanzi retreat when she knelt and urged President Museveni to seek re-election in 2016 elections as a sole candidate.

Though this move was massively supported by the party members, but it also blocked chances of some party members who has intensions of running against the president in the party primaries like the Former NRM General Secretary John Patrick Amama Mbabazi who was sucked from the Prime Minster position shortly after Anite’s move.

Mbabazi decided to run against Museveni with the Go Forward pressure group and become Number three with less than 5% after Kiiza Besigye and Museveni who got 35.4% and 60.8% respectively.





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