Opposition worried, no chance to win when Museveni is in race – Tumwebaze

Minister Frank Tumwebaze

The Minister of Information and national Guidance Hon. Frank Tumwebaze has defended government’s move of scrapping off age limit from the constitution.

Speaking while appearing on NBS Television early this morning Tumwebaze said, government is not trying to rape the constitution like many opposition legislators have alleged because the Age limit debate came through by a Parliament backbencher.

He added that this whole debate of age limit needs to be debated soberly without emotions because there is nothing unusual with the Cabinet decision, ‘let’s interrogate the merits and demerits of the debate.’

“Cabinet can only reject a private members’ bill if it offends article 93, if it offends constitution and if it reverses policies of government, we are not going to accept to get advice from our opponents on how to leave power.” He firmly said.

He added that the question of longevity and age limit is not the opposition’s worry, their worry is they don’t have a chance when Museveni is still president’

People should stop being dismissive of those who support the status quo, President is for all Ugandans and not just cadres. It’s no harm for him to engage with people on certain issues”. He added.

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