Live bullets, teargas rock Makerere as students Raid chapatti stalls in Kikoni

The Makerere university premises have been surrounded by police since yesterday night ahead of the demonstrations that were scheduled to take place today.

Earlier in the morning, police camped in all different halls refusing students from exiting their halls of residence.

However, this did not stop students from informing their colleagues in Kikoni to start the demonstration against the amendment of the constitution.

This further forced police to vacate university premises and move to Kikoni to stop the demonstrations by shooting bullets and throwing teargas cans into the student’s hostels.

Students that had been locked in their halls used this as a chance to also carry out a demonstration within the campus premises.

Many students have been injured and businesses have been disrupted because most of the shops have closed up for security purposes.

The strike has been spearheaded by Kato Paul who was arrested and is now under police custody together with many other students.

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