Nothing to learn from our elders except lies, corruption skills –Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine

The Kyadondo East lawmaker Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi decried the manner in which government conduct themselves in offices and the public.

Speaking while appearing on NBS Television on Thursday night, Bobi Wine noted there is nothing the young generation can learn from the leaders except how to tell lies and corruption sills.

“Morality & values is what we need. I’m seated with my elders but they lie with impunity. I wonder what I can learn from them”. Bobi Wine said.

He adds that leaders have continuously gone against their promises something that has not only exterminated their reputation but also affected the young generation.

Omubanda Wa Kabaka further said that executing and using your authority to benefit one’s individual reimbursements, is equivalent to betraying the people thereby calling for the withdraw of the proposed age limit bill.

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