Nsereko: This is recklessness, Age limit money, Can provide 50,000 youths with jobs

Hon. Ssemujju Nganda with Hon. Muhammad Nsereko

Kampala central Member of Parliament Hon. Muhammad Nsereko has asked government to not to fund the age limit consultative countrywide meetings.

Speaking to the insider, Nsereko adds that the money amounting 90 billion can be channeled to execute other state demands like unlike the health department, unemployment challenge among others.

Nsereko notes that there is nothing special with the age limit motion since a number of bills have not been funded yet they are of greater importance to the state than age limit motion bound to benefit an individual.

He says that the amount going to be spent can create jobs for over 50,000 youth something that can transform the country unlike pumping the money in lawmakers who are fully funded and financed to do the same work.

It should be remembered that teachers over the years have been striking over salary remunerations and the response government has always given is that there is no money yet when political issues erupt, there is always money.

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