BoU Freezes Bank Accounts of Action Aid

Action Aid Uganda Country Director Arthur Larok has confirmed that the organization bank accounts have been frozen.

The accounts were frozen on October 6, 2017 after a directive from Bank of Uganda was issued to Standard Chartered Bank.

CID and PSU spokesperson Vincent Ssekate confirmed the developments and opined that this was done to pave way for investigations.

“This was as a result of the intelligence that we received about the activities they are doing and the money they had received to destabilize by engaging in a number of subversive activities in the various parts of the country,” said Ssekate.

Arthur Larok said that the police was mainly focusing civil society work.

“From the interrogation that I have been through, they are very much interested in the work that civil society does for which we are part.

“Like the amendment of article 26 of the constitution which will legalize land grabbing and as well as article 102 b for which civil society is opposed to it and there are several reasons to why we are.”

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