Stay away from Age limit chaos or be killed by police – Kasaija warns opposition

    Matia Kasaija

The minister of Finance Hon. Matia Kassaijja has warned opposition members to be careful with their actions against the lifting of the presidential age limit.

Speaking to Journalists at his office early on Thursday morning, Kasaija said Opposition  need to respect people’s decisions whether right or wrong since they have a right to speak out their mind and make decisions.

He also said that opposition need to denounce backward acts of fighting police officers and other government officials warning that they are armed and have authority to shoot; therefore they can shoot those that attack them.

“This nonsense of opposition must stop, who are you to fight police, I feel pity  for the Ugandans who attack government officials, they are forgetting that these officials are armed and have a right to shoot whoever attacks them.” Kasaija said.

He however added that such acts are dangerous for a country since they cripple the economy growth  something that can affect government’s vision of transforming to middle income status.

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