Age Limit: Ibanda South Residents Warn Minister Byabagambi Not ‘To Touch It’

Yesterday evening, Ibanda South MP Eng. John Byabagambi arrived in his constituency to start the consultative meetings aimed at seeking views of the people on the amendment of article 102(b) of the constitution.

The minister in charge of Karamoja affairs was then hosted on Rwenzori FM where several people opined that it is not necessary to change the constitution now.

Hon. John Byabagambi

Several listeners opined that Uganda has many problems that should be tackled with immediate effect.

“Thanks Hon, in Uganda we have very many things to be solved like un employment, corruption, inflation(value 4 money), health services, killing of Ugandans in UAE, is this the time for amending the constitution? (NO Term Limit Now Age Limit Next Will Death Limit),” said Billgates Justus, one of the listeners.

Other listeners were like there is no need to consult them since they are tied of fake and untruthful MPs.

“Nothing to inquire from him because we are tired with this government .am tuned in form Ishongororo,” said Tibijuka Godwin White Sky before Turyatunga Zaccheous added that “Nothing to inquire from him because we are fed-up of such fake MPs plus dictatorial government. Tojikwatakoo!!”

The former Works minister in his presentation said that he will consult in the NRM structures and this left many wondering if he only represents NRM supporters in parliament.

“Thanks KK, I want to ask minister to tell us whether he represents NRM people only because he has said that he wants to meet NRM members only,” wondered Kiifu K. Anthony

Generally most listeners who aired their opinions were against the amendment of article 102 (b) of the constitution.

Below are some of the views from Ibanda South Residents.

Joseph Mutumba: Uganda’s biggest problem is having people like Engineer whom we expect to carefully project & reflect into the future on account of their age, experience and education but you it soon gets clear that these are first class hypocrites who are entirely driven by their PERSONAL agendas & not a national one. No society can transform whether economically, socially or politically with such a gang of FOOLS driving its agenda

Muhwezi Julius: All those ministers no longer decide for themselves, they are just used like … and thrown away. Mbabazi told teachers, who can’t work on this salary, go home to dig, where he is now. Baine amaisho tibakureba.

Alexander Kabigumira Trump Temujikwatako Basebo Nebanyabo

Innocent Singiza Please hon. minister, don’t bother to touch it. TEMUGIKWATAKO

Ssesanga Junior Please ask the minister if in his own wisdom thinks that its right to change that article putting in mind our ugly history.

Davis Mwiine Nshemerierwe They should not tackle the age limit because it favours the few and affects many. I am DAVIS MWIINE NSHEMERIERWE from Rugaaga- Keihangara-Ibanda

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