CMI takes over investigations of Entebbe Women Murders

IGP Kayihura with former Police spokes person Andrew Kaweesi

Following the recent unfortunate murders of about 30 women in the Wakiso district, a lot of efforts have been piled together to see that the culprits are brought to book.

These efforts have not only constrain the public and the Uganda Police officers, but it also pulled the President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni out of his comfort zone to make notes and see how the filthy and malicious acts come to an end.

President personally visited the communities in Entebbe where the killings happened, interviewed residents, sent his condolences to the families of deceased and vowed to bulldoze and crash all the criminal gangs in the country.

“We have previously dealt with and defeated more sophiscated crime, including terrorism. We shall apprehend those behind these killings”. President stated.

Now our sources have reveals that President Museveni has given Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) the bravery to take over the investigations from the Uganda Police that has spent about three months without delivering any report on the matter.

According to our well-placed sources, this was done as a move to speed up the investigation since the Uganda Police seem to be overwhelmed with a lot of cases to handle thereby forcing President to assign CMI because he is being held accountable following the promise he pledged to the Entebbe Residents.

Its also whispered that following the recent criminal acts within the police force where about 9 officers were indicted for crimes related to conspiracy, President Museveni has had trust issues with the Gen. Kale Kayihura’s force.

The Commandant of Police Professional Standard Unit, Senior Commissioner of Police Joel Aguma, Senior Superintendent of Police Nixon Agasirwe, former commander of Police Special Operations, Sgt Abel Tumukunde under the Flying Squad, Assistant Superintendent of Police Magada under Crime Intelligence and Faisal Katende under the Flying Squad are some of the officers detained yet they were part of the team handling the murder cases.

In this plea, President’s suspicion has intensified thereby forcing him to call for an external hand to sort-out the mess because the more the matter remains unsolved, the more credible information continues to disappear.

President in Entebbe interviewing residents on the growing insecurity in the area

It should be remembered that this is not the first time the Head of State is coming up to speak out that law and order promoters had been infiltrated with some criminal gangs.

The recent time when president spoke some of such comments was early this year with Gen. Kayihura’s assistant and force spokesperson Andrew Flex Kaweesi was murdered in Kulambiro a Kampala suburb by unknown assailants.

In this saga, a number of suspects including toddlers were coiled off by Uganda Police and detained in Nagalama Police station were most of the suspects were brutally tortured by the officers to deliver information.

Its on record one of the suspects Jibril Kalyango accusing security officials in court for torturing in prison. He said this during a court session on Wednesday 09 August when Jibril told Grade One Magistrate Noah Ssajjabi that he had been tortured and forced to confess to the killing. He also told court that his wife had been arrested together with his 9 -month baby and demanded to know their whereabouts.

Few months later, court rewarded the suspects with about shs. 80m as compensation over torture allegations. With emergence of such allegations, President gets more reasons to change the tactic on how to bring the perpetrators to book.

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