OPINION: Breaking down Unpopular NRM Mafias masquerading as party and National consensus

Olinga Gilbert

In our country wide engagement, we have interacted with some objective and modest minded fellow NRM comrades. However, we have also been struck by a country wide outcry and frustration from both NRM leaders who fear to express their independent views for fear of being criminalized.

The country is frustrated not just by the level of injustice and impunity, sky rocketing youth unemployment, civil servants outcry for low pay, service delivery related challenges and individual special interest which seem to dominate and typical all across. Ugandans feel they are not being listened to.

The fearless NRM generation therefore think that our engagement as a country, should provide us an opportunity to change and transform this country into something more hopeful to bring about what the country desires, that Ugandans be listened to.

Instead of arrest, re-arrest, bullets and teargas explosion all across the country, as a party in power, we need to listen to what Ugandans are saying. we need to demonstrate and determine that the promise of 2016 NRM manifesto is alive, well and achievable for future only if as a party we are willing and able to make it happen.

Our party NRM is at a risk and there is a lot of growing concern from Ugandans that the NRM government is NOT solving their problems and not listening to them, that we got to do more than just talk, promise and push for amendments of self-enrichment and self-centered bills.

Like I said in my earlier article “history unfolds in cycles and does not move on a straight line and that all the values and progress we cherish are inevitable”, it’s time that we admit that this country and party is in a fragile state of a leadership crisis and in need of succession NOT amending article 102b.

President Museveni needs to hand over to another Ugandan. It is clear that even Moses in the bible “lead the children Israel out of Egypt but DID NOT lead them to the Promised Land”.

It is clear that the direction we are swallowed in as NRM, is a leadership and ideological crisis and disorder, heavily revised to favor personal interests while hiding and in the disguise as consensus party and national position while ignoring the undeniable national outcry as a result of unrealistic and false patriotism used to manufacture unpopular allegiance masqueraded as national consensus and as a party consensus, we think we are cynical yet we have crisis to restore public faith and support from those who don’t look like us, speak like us or opposed to amending 102b of the constitution to make president Museveni life president.

Our request to Mr. Museveni is “PLEASE GO BACK HOME AND REST”. We need humanity not cleverness; we need dialogue not confrontation and suppression of human freedom, without it all the legacy and achievements cherished and worked for will be lost and forgotten. What we can assure Ugandans as the fearless NRM generation is to fight for human freedom of expression, justice, equality/equity and inclusion.

However the choice is ours as a country and party to ensure that chairman and president Museveni goes back home to rest. it is said that justice consists not in being neutral between right and wrong, but in finding out the right and upholding it, wherever found, against wrong.

A country that has set its eyes on the social economic transformation of its people as a party principle must ensure courts which have capacities to adjudicate matters before them expeditiously, impartially, competently and without interference from the state and security organs.

         Olinga Gilbert

Team leader Fearless NRM Generation.

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