Pope Francis donates brand new Lamborghini as Catholic Religious leaders drive luxurious cars.

Pope Francis received a brand new personalized V10 Lamborghini and he decided to auction it for charity saying that it is useless to live a luxurious life when very many people are suffering.

the brand new Lamborghini donated by the pope.

The Lamborghini has been auctioned to benefit the people in Iraq whose homes were destroyed by Islamic state group.
However, this action has caused very many people to doubt their religious leaders and condemn the luxurious cars they drive and yet very many people are suffering and have nothing to feed on.

“It is sad and incorrect that very many priests and bishops come to parishes in very expensive cars and instead of feeding the hungry like Jesus, it’s the hungry who are feeding them.” One of the comments read.

The Kampala diocese Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga has been seen moving around while spreading the gospel in very expensive cars with a convoy. If you have no idea about his visit, you would mistake him to be the President of Uganda as they both move in similar cars.

Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga

Another catholic priest whose car has tuned many heads is Fr. Lwemalika Eustachius the chairman of Finance and Administration at Uganda Episcopal Conference. He has two cars but his 800 million Benz has left very many people questioning about his luxurious life.

Fr. Lwemalika

Much more, while Mpala has spent more than three years trying to build a new priests’ house and also start constructing a bigger church, the Parish priest, Rev. Fr. Joseph Kirumira, saw no better time than during the period when the church needs money to unleash his very brand new and latest Lexus model.
The secretary general of Uganda Episcopal Conference, Msg. John Baptist Kauta is also among the catholic leaders that should emulate the virtues of Pope Francis not because he drives extremely expensive cars but because he has been seen moving around in very different new cars since he took over as chairperson of UEC and has also feuded wrangles at his Nsambya based office instead of promoting peace, harmony, fairness and justice and yet these are the virtues that Pope Francis has always spread across the world.

Msgr. John Baptist Kauta

After Pope donated his Lamborghini, many Catholics believers have condemned their leaders for turning the church into a museum for the rich and yet it is supposed to be a home for the broken.

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