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EXCLUSIVE: How specialized medication redeemed Lumumba from Deadly poison

Kasule Lumumba with some NRM leaders

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has ordered for an investigation into the poising of the NRM Secretary General Hon. Justin Kasule Lumumba.

This order comes in following Lumumba’s continued absconding from duty over health problems that most local experts failed to resolve.

It is said that two month ago, Lumumba fell into her enemies arms and was poisoned with one of the dangerous chemicals that slowly cripples one’s immunity and once reaches its 3rd stage, at which not even Pastor Beni Hinni’s anointed hand can’t heal.

According to our sources, Lumumba was quick to realize some uncommon circumstances happen to her life and hastily rushed to Dubai for specialized treatment. Its said that the ‘NRM’s Iron lady’ used her sick son as excuse to go in fear that her enemies could also block her movements to attain specialized treatment.

It is said that days before flying to Dubai, Lumumba who in 2005 campaigned and voted against the lifting of term limits had first asked for leave from his boss Presisent Yoweri Museveni for the first time ever since she had taken her office after replacing Amama Mbabazi something that was done so that she can isolate herself from some yet to be identified ‘hyenas’ at Kyadondo based secretariat.

It should be noted that Lumumba’s appointment as the secretary General unlike some of the bosses was not based not merit but instead linked to her forthrightness and loyalty to the ‘Man with Vision’.

Lumumba is described as the most intolerant person and so secretive to an extend that no one at the mighty party offices knows her movements and plans. She is authoritative especially when it comes to party activities but on matters regarding president Museveni, the Light-skinned woman does the donkey work herself to an extend of spending sleepless nights in office.

Its further said that Lumumba is one of the few people who can hold a 3 hour meeting with the head of state which time can’t be given to any other person be it the Prime Minister who literally heads government business.

Such privileges are said to be one of the reasons why her enemies are working hard to see that she goes back to farming. It should be noted that most of the braggart high profile people ranging from RDC’s to Top most ministers, have never held a one on one discussion with museveni. They mostly meet him in groups and they are never with him to speak but only to listen to him which occasion happen like once in a year.

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