PICTORIAL: Cindy Lights up Unplugged show, revives sweet Blue 3 memories

Sexy Cindy ku mic

Cindy is commonly referred to as the “King Her Self” and many Ugandans don’t know why. Well we are not sure either, but if last night’s performance was anything to go by, she delivered a performance that is in the league of Kings.

The Ayokya Yokya star was received with loud chants as she walked her nostalgic revelers down memory lane with “Sanyu Lyange” and other tunes from her Blue 3 days.

Cindy then continued to dazzle the corporate crowd at the Naalya-based Liquid Silk, who sang along word for word on most of her songs.

The sexy diva who is known for her energetic stage performances engaged crowed nonstop with her prowess. At the end of it all, it was clear why she is called “The King her Self”

Unplugged will continue next Wednesday at Liquid Silk Nalya, when Jose Chameleone of Leone Island will grace the stage.

Bebe Cool, Afrigo and Cindy have already set a high bar for performance at Unplugged. We are sure Jose Chameleone will meet the same standard.

We shall keep you posted.

Yes again it was full house

King her self hmmm, wabula you missed this

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