Hakuna Mchezo: KCCA Councilors go hands-on in Kyankwanzi

A section of the councilors undergoing training

Kampala city council Authority councilors who traveled to Kyankwanzi for the National leadership training have started testing the smell of fresh BoU notes.

Donned in full military uniform, the local leaders have so far received a Five star executive reception with all the demands being put on the tables within minutes.

According to our Insider at the prestigious grooming center, lectures on good governance, patriotism and military skills are part of the agenda. This will involve basic skills on how to keep fit, assemble a gun and how use it.

Its also said that the Fountain of Honour H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will officially close the multimillion workshop.

Though Kampala City Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago had earlier dismissed claims that some opposition councilors from KCCA are part of the event its unbelievable that the house is full to capacity.

It should be noted that the entire KCCA has about 230 councillors (including those at the divisions), hence the number at Kyankwanzi at the moment is about 218 according to reliable sources. This means that Beti Kamya bypassed the resolution by the council.

Lord Mayor and councilors trashed Kamya’s request begging for shs 120m from Kampala Capital City Authority Jenipher Musisi to facilitate this training which was postponed from 12th November to today due to logistical issues till when the Man with the Vision slapped Kamya with bulky notes amounting to about shs. 300m.

Lord mayor Erias Lukwago and authority councilors in the last council meeting resolved to distance themselves from Kyakwanzi trip claiming its intended to brainwash and hood wink them into supporting the proposed lifting of age limit for presidential candidates.




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