MC Mariachi is a rat, ‘Talina Waaka!’ – Kapale

Kapale left with Mariachi

The exchange of bitter words between famous comedians MC Mariachi and MC Kapale seems not to be ending following Kapale’s endorsement of fresh itching vibes.

Speaking in a video recording that has gone viral on social media, Kapale claims that Mariachi is a parasite and he is what he is today.

He added that he should be thanking him for redeeming from street life because if it wasn’t him holding his hand and introducing him to top promoters, MC Mariachi would now be frying Kokondo in the slams of Kalerwe.

It should be noted that last week the celebrated comedian MC Mariachi was introduced by his fiancé in a traditional Marriage held in Jinja town.

However news reaching our desk reveals that regardless of all belonging to the industry, MC Kapale is one of the few comedians who never attended Mariachi’s wedding something that even forced him to spill more secrets as detailed in the video below.

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