Attending M7 State House Age limit Meeting is like performing a ritual – Mpuuga

President Museveni greeting MP Matias Mpuuga

Opposition members on the Legal and Parliamentary affairs committee have trashed president Museveni’s age limit bill meeting slated to take place this afternoon at State House.

MPs including Masaka Municipality’s Hon. Matias Mpuuga and Opposition Chief Whip Hon. Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, insist that the bill was received in bad faith.

They add that attending state House Meeting is like committing a ritual against good governance since the discussion is aimed to compromise their stand because it’s being chair by the very framer of the controversial bill.

The leaders also vow that a number of committee members are out on official duties therefore making any form of meeting without them would be inappropriate.

However, according to the committee Chair Hon. Jacob Oboth Oboth, say will not be moved by individual statements and intensions of some lawmakers but him and the other lawmakers are set to meet the president this afternoon.

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