Kadaga challenges youth to embrace life skills to fight poverty

Kadaga during the ‘Ekigangu kya Busoga’

The Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga, has urged Busoga youths to be vigilant and learn and develop life skills during the second annual youth meet, Ekigangu.

The ‘Ekigangu kya Busoga’ is an annual youth mentorship programme meant to promote enhance and embrace the Busoga tradition and instill cultural values.

“We started this Ekigangu to see that the youth of Busoga are given life skills that will promote your livelihoods; teach you the values; and norms of our tradition,” she said.

She further said that with the mentorship and training, the youth will have an improved sense of pride. She pledged to support the annual event so as to promote the heritage of Busoga.

At a press conference held in preparation of the camp in October this year, the Speaker said that young people would be taught survival skills to help them be able to compete in the digital world. She said that it was also necessary to train the young people to change their mindset, avoid being over dependant but productive.

Kadaga expressed concern about the high school dropout rate especially for girls, as well as early marriages and teenage pregnancies in Busoga Region.

The Busoga State Minister for Gender and Children’s Affairs, Joy Abaliwano Mulebeke, said that the 2017 programme was broadened so as to help the youth know their rights and speak out on challenges they face.

This year’s camp held at at Emirates Academy in Kamuli, between 9th – 17th December 2017 has attracted 57 boys and 183 girls between 5 – 23 years.

“They are learning the value of their culture, and we are making sure that they learn the challenges they go through as part of life,” Mulebeke said.

The first Ekigangu was held at Bukooli College last year, and attracted 226 young people. Ekigangu is structured on the Ekisakaate model, which is organized by Buganda government in Mengo and spearheaded by the Nabagereka Sylvia Nagginda.


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