Museveni surrounded by only greedy, noise makers – NRM’s MP Adome

Moses Bildad Adome MP Jie County -Karamoja

As the ruling National Resistance Movement continues to find ways of keeping the party at the helm with dignity, efforts to have indisciplined members punished seem to be becoming another mega flop as lawmakers embark on outsmarting the party resolutions.

The same way the rebel MPs where last time threatened, unlawfully suspended and efforts later turned down by the courts of law, another episode seems to be emerging following the fate of the lawmakers that voted against age limit.

It should be noted that immediately after passing the age limit bill, the party secretariat vowed to punish all that opposed the party’s resolution.

However according to Hon. Moses Bildad Adome a Member of Parliament representing Jie County in Karamoja described the ruling party as a group of noise makers.

Speaking during an interview with NTV, the soft-spoken lawmaker noted that NRM should not undermine the fact that MPs are sent to parliament to represent the voters not the parties therefore should not be wrongly penalized for representing the views of his people.

Adome added summoning the anti-age limit removal lawmakers NRM’s to a disciplinary Committee is not only wrong but unbelievable since its not criminal to vote in the House.

He also makes it clear that he will not respond to any summons and is willing to leave the party if it believes it can hold fully elected leaders to become yes men shouting ‘NRM Oye’ even what is being done is wrong.

Hon. Moses Adome is one of the 28 ruling party Members of Parliament that went against the party resolution and voted against the controversial age limit bill.

He accepts the fact that he loves NRM but there should be plans of creating room for peaceful transition of power since president Museveni has played his part but its unfortunate that he is surrounded by opportunists who just want him around so that they can continue eating.

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