Museveni appointing me Minister is the worst insult – Hon. Kivumbi

Hon. Kivumbi also says that M7 can even a point a tree as minister

Butamba Member of Parliament Hon. Muhammad Muwanga Kivumbi has thrown a vote of no confidence in the executive describing it as a one man organization that operates with no agenda.

Speaking while appearing on CBS FM on Wednesday night, Kivumbi noted that State House lost its meaning and turned a Mafia zone.

“Unlike the recent times when people gathered at State House to discuss issues of national importance, of late it’s a venue of conspiracy and corruption. Even people who enter there with their heads high, come back speaking uncoordinated statements.” Kivumbi said.

He added that gone are the days when Ministers were given cordial respect unlike now where even the Ministers make toddler statements when it comes to rule of law.

“What do you think is important with being a Minister besides having tinted vehicles? Ministers who can’t think and speak sense are not even needed in our societies because they don’t help us. All they do is to sell our motherland to the investor called Museveni and family.” He added.

The shadow Minister also doubted the manner in which most Ministers are appointed citing that majority of them are on cabinet as a form of appreciation for a job well-done.

“There some few Ministers that speak sense but there also some who still leave me speechless finding that they also attend cabinet meeting. Look at the likes of Evelyn Anite. Tomorrow you will also hear that Hon. Abiriga is also a minister and you wonder where our country is heading.” Kivumbi noted.

On a special note, Hon. Muwanga Kivumbi called upon Ugandans to make a collective responsibility to see that they regain control of their state since Political parties have proved to have misled the Pearl of Africa.

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