Voters have capacity to cane indisciplined MPs – Kasibante

MP Abiriga with Kasibante

Rubaga North Member of Parliament Hon. Moses Kasibante has called upon Ugandans to use their authority as citizens of the Pearl of Africa to punish indesciplined leaders because power belongs to the people.

Speaking while appearing on CBS FM on Wednesday evening, the vocal MP said that its high time locals reacted since some lawmakers have unbelievably misbehaved.

Putting in consideration of some lawmakers who voted in support of the controversial age limit bill, Kasibante said that the same way a mother can punish her child, Voters need to have some of these lawmakers smeared with sticks.

“I have no problem with a Member of Parliament whose voters advised to amend the constitution but my problem is with some of the MPs who were told in black and white not to touch it but they arrogantly voted yes.  Look at someone like Amelia Kyambadde, Simeo Nsubuga those ones deserve to be smartly canned.’’  Kasibante.

Kasibante added that our country is busy decaying democratically because of the existence of such leaders that can’t respect decisions by the voters.

He also wondered why MPs could sneak the 7 years in the amendment claiming that the years in office aren’t enough yet some them have been in the House close to 15years but still have nothing to do besides sleeping in the chambers during plenary setting.

Kasibante still believes that its not about the number of years a leader spends in office that determines his/her capacity to deliver however it’s the capacity of the leader to formulate credible and people oriented laws and policies.

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