Extending office tenure from 5-7 years, most noble decision – MP Silwany

MP Solomon Silwany

The ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) Deputy Chief Whip Hon. Solomon Silwany has praised the Members of Parliament that voted in support of the removal of the presidential age limit.

Speaking while appearing on TV early this morning, Silwanyi said that the MPs did a noble cause for the Pearl of Africa that deserves special appreciation and the ruling party.

Bukooli lawmaker described the extension of the office tenure to 7 years as a wise move since it provides enough time for leaders to execute their mandate.

“I think extending tenure gives the government time to perform. 7 years is enough time and if you don’t perform, you shouldn’t go back and contest again. 5 years tenure is not enough, 7 years is modest.” He said.

He however climaxed saying that he is not worried about the fate of the country since its stable and calm as several people have already resumed work.

“The country is calm and people have gone back to do their work. NRM MPs who voted yes on Age Limit Bill did something noble for the country. I also think Parliament is now calm and people are focusing on the budget of 2018/19. What we did in Parliament was a normal duty of MPs. What we did was within the mandate of MPs”. Silwany added.

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