Blood of Ugandans dying will haunt you – Nambooze tells Gov’t

President Museveni, Betty Nambooze

Mukono Municipality lawmaker Hon. Betty Nambooze has sent a filthy warning to the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party officials and Central Government at large to get set to pay for the wrong deeds committed during their reign.

Speaking during a radio talk show on Saturday morning, Nambooze noted that time is coming some officials are going to be brought to book, will seek for forgiveness when Ugandans are no longer interested.

She says that the silence of government officials and prioritizing minor, selfish issues like Age limit bill when innocent Ugandans are endlessly dying due to breakdown of social services like health and education is not only unfair but treasonable.

“I want to assure Mr. Museveni and his allies that the blood of Ugandans will haunt them down. Honestly which crime did our people commit to be left to die in poverty, with dead public services yet when state resources are being shared among a few officials and being used to pass one man laws in Parliament?” Nambooze asked.

The vocal policymaker also decried the manner in which different projects, jobs and scholarships are being awarded in the country and described it as something that has sawed seeds of hatred among Ugandans since the issue of regional balance are never put in consideration.

“I want to challenge whoever thinks that Iam wrong to bring the list of those people who were recently flagged off to go and study Oil and gas. I dare you, 80% will be Banyankore and other regions like Buganda, East North and others will share the remaining 20%.” Nambooze added.

Nambooze climaxes saying that calling upon Ugandans not to forget those who participated in the amendment to urges them to all means possible to have them punished since they are responsible for the endless problems eating up poor Ugandans.

She insists that Ugandans have the capacity to them punished therefor should not swallow any form of intimidation because its their rights to desist bad governance.




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