UNRA set to demolish 75 buildings.

Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) is set to demolish more than 75 commercial buildings in the central business area of Soroti Municipality to create wayway for widening of the north highway to accommodate the increasing traffic.
According to a photographic mapping issued to the 75 affected landlords, the intended project is meant to expand the road from its current width .
Out of the 80 commercial houses on Gweri Street, according to a ground survey by UNRA, only five buildings stand outside the road reserve.
Mr Dab Opinya, the owner of the house on plot 33 C, which is also affected, says UNRA should get back to the ground to clarify how they arrived at their measurements which have put majority of the houses constructed in the late 1950s at risk of demolition.

“There is need for UNRA to engage stakeholders such as the municipal council to enable us re-plan the town before the roadworks start,” he notes.
Mr Paul Omer, the Soroti Municipality mayor, says he is not well conversant with the development.
He adds that he is yet to find out the truth from UNRA on the ongoing project.
“We cannot do much if this is true since it is a national plan to have the road expanded,” said Mr. Paul Omer.
Upgrading and rehabilitation of national roads is to be executed UNRA.

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