MP Ssewungu hits Besigye: What will ‘Tubalemese’ help our people?

Joseph Ssewungu Kalungu West (L) with Aruu county member of parliament Odonga Otto, and Simon Oyet of Nwoya county

Kalungu West Member of Parliament Hon. Joseph Ssewungu has called upon opposition’s Dr. Kiiza Besigye to stop fooling and taking Ugandans for granted.

Speaking during a press conference at Parliament Yesterday, Ssewungu noted that the population is fatigued with politics and now needs reconciliation not more confusion.

He added that the forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party should not be used as a courier for any campaign by members who no longer hold elective party positions.

All this was a response to the newly initiated “Tubalemese” campaign which is aimed at rallying the public towards boycotting companies run and owned by ruling party members.

Ssewungu added that there is no way FDC with make decisions without consulting other parties ans expects other leaders to just follow.

He also notes that FDC and other political parties now need to build strength in their constituencies, compared to engaging in unconstitutional activities they may even result into bloodshed.


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