Kadaga warns boda-boda riders on crime

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga has warned Boda-Boda operators from the Eastern Region agaisnt engaging in criminal activities..

Kadaga’s remarks come in light of the recent arrest of the Boda-Boda 2010 leader Abdullah Kitata, over engaging in criminal activities and the murder of the Case Clinic Accountant Jonathan Okalungar.

The Speaker told the Executive body of Eastern Region Boda-Boda Operators Association Limited that cyclists should focus on doing their work and avoid taking part in things that do not concern them.

“Do not be like these people who go around on Boda-Bodas robbing and killing people, and participating in all sorts of criminal acts,” she said. Kadaga advised them to engage in activities that are beneficial to them and to the society.

The operators who were led by the Association Coordinator, Faisal Waiswa were seeking the support of the Speaker to schedule an appointment for them to meet President Yoweri Museveni.

“We want to the President to give us an opportunity to benefit from the Operation Wealth Creation and support all our other development projects,” Waiswa said, adding that, “We would like to get at least 45 motorcycles in each of the 37 districts where the Association is operational and start-up projects for our spouses.”

In response, the Speaker promised to set up a meeting for the Association with the President.

In the course of this month, several members of the Boda Boda 2010 Association have been arrested by security operatives for allegedly involving themselves in criminal activities.

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