Entebbe Town Clerk shuts down ‘De Bar’ club over Radio’s death.

Entebbe town clerk has decided to shut down the Entebbe based club ‘De Bar’ where the late singer and vocalist Moze Radio was beaten up before being rushed to Case clinic where he breathed his last from.
While addressing media yesterday, the Entebbe town clerk decided that the club should be closed until it brings the necessary requirements that will prove that it is capable of protecting the lives of very many Ugandans who go there to have fan.

the late Moze Radio of goodlyf


“After the death of Radio, we have decided to make sure that this club can give us enough assurance that it can operate and protect the people who come to drink from there or else it will not be opened,” said the town clerk.
Further, he added that all the clubs that are operating illegally in Entebbe town are going to be shut down very soon.

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