Soon, superpowers will be those countries producing food not guns – Kibanzanga

Hon. Kibanzanga Christopher

The state Minister of Agriculture Hon, Christopher Kibazanga called upon the general public to tirelessly embrace the efforts aimed at conserving the environment.

Kibanzanga was speaking during the Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment (ACODE) symposium of 2018 running under the theme of climate change, stability and food security in East Africa at Imperial Royal Hotel.

The Bughendera constituency lawmaker added that this impactful bid will not only help to create a healthy environment but will also provide food since in the next 20 years, superpowers will be those countries which will be producing food for themselves and their neighbors.

He said that like the National Resistance Army (NRA) that went to the bush to liberate Uganda from from oppression, climate change is another problem that needs the same resolute approach.

“We are faced with an enemy which is very difficult to fight, climate change — which causes food insecurity. The wars of the 19th century were caused by resource allocation in the world. The third world war is going to be caused on how to share the dwindling world resources. Water is high on the agenda and oil is the second.” He said.

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