Stop spending money on expensive videos and build a house- Chameleon raps Bebe Cool.

The feud between top Ugandan artistes, Jose Chameleon and Bebe Cool seems unending as Chameleon has come out and insulted the musician for spending a lot on his music videos instead of using that money to build a house.

“What is the point of having an extremely expensive music video when you have no place to call home?” Chameleon questioned.

Jose chameleon

However, this did not leave Bebe cool quiet as he claimed that very many artistes have decided to pick up grudges with him instead of appreciating him for taking Ugandan music to another level.

Much more, Bebe cool also informed our sources that he has very many other investments that he has been secretly working on.


“I have very many properties. I am going to start showing it off so that you all stop judging me,” Bebe Cool assured.

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