MPs Quit WhatsApp Group After Their Own Accidentally Shared Nude Photo

MP David Abala

MPs have quit a popular lively WhatsApp group after their own David Abala, Ngora County MP accidentally shared a nude photo of a sexy babe.

Abala took a walk of shame after he on Saturday posted a nude photo on WhatsApp group named ‘LIVE CHAT NEWS FEED’, a highly dignified WhatsApp group that has several MPs, journalists and others.

The MP from Teso region was highly criticized for turning an informative WhatsApp group into a sex hub. Since then his fellow MPs have out of shame started quitting the WhatsApp group. From the time, he posted the nude photo, three MPs have so far quit the group unceremoniously. The MPs include; Betty Nambooze, Mukono Municipality MP, Judith Nabakooba, Mityana Woman MP and Denis Namara, EALA MP.

After posting the nude photo, Abala apologized to the members saying that ‘somebody’ could have maliciously used his phone to send this photo to the group.

“Friends I left my fone in a friend’s car and we were many I don’t know who has done this silly thing. Sorry really. We were travelling to Mbale,” he posted.

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