Thank God you are gone – Diamond launches more businesses after Zari’s departure.

The Hallelujah hit maker, Diamond Platnumz has added another multi million business to his other assets that he owns.

Yesterday, Diamond Platinumz was able to secure a broadcasting license for his new WasafiTV and Wasafi radio station, a business that is going to make the young artiste to become one of the richest musicians inn the continent if well managed.

“We were officially handed broadcasting license fro wasfitv and wasafifm by the minister of Information, culture, Tourism and Sports, Zanzibar, Hon. Rashid Ali Juma. many thanks to the revolutionary government of Zanzibar and the entire government of the United Republic of Tanzania as a whole,” said a very proud Diamond.


Diamond and Zari


Diamond also adds that his major aim for joining the media business is to create business for journalists who are not yet employed in Tanzania.

“Our goal is to create jobs for our journalists who are to be employed. To appreciate that without them today we would not be here. We also want to form a joint collaboration with our country media in developing new talent from the streets in art, sports and culture industry,” he added.

However, this creativity  has made very many of his fans to appreciate him for being sharp and not starting up businesses while still in a relationship with Zari whom they term as a ‘gold digger’.

It should be noted that Zari always tricked the late Ivan Ssemwanga into starting up businesses and asked him to put her names among the owners. It is also alleged that Zari delayed the announcement of Ivan’s death as she was still trying to transfer al his accounts into her names.

Many people have praised Diamond for being fore sighted and escaping Zari’s trap by setting up his  own investments after her departure from his life.

Diamond has also assured his fans that he is planning to get himself a private jet which leaves people assuming that he was aware of Zari’s motives and that is why he is now starting to live a more luxurious life.

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