Lumumba starts splashing money, camps in Jinja East

Kasule Lumumba hunting for votes

As the By-election in Jinja East continues getting tight, Ruling national Resistance movement (NRM) Party General Secretary Justine Kasule Lumumba has deserted the party offices and camped in the area.

This follows the decision by Uganda’s leading opposition to deploy hundreds of influential personalities to spearhead the Paul Mwiru’s campaign task force.

Lumumba who is in the area till when elections are climaxed, vows not to sleep till when the party candidate Nathan Igeme Nabeeta is back to the House.

According to news reaching our desk, reveal how Kasule has already secured the financial package to facilitate the hotly contested race.

It is said that on Thursday evening in Kisima and Lwabitooke islands, a number of things including transport refund and refreshments were provided to those that attended Nabeeta’s rally and were promised to enjoy more as long as they continue supporting her candidate.

The polling date for this by-election will take place on Thursday 15th March, 2018.

The Jinja East Constituency in Jinja district that fell vacant after Court of Appeal on January 12, annulled the election of Nathan Igeme Nabeta on grounds of falsification of election results.

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