How one forged DR Form earned Nabeta a Parliamentary Seat for 2 years

Rajab Semakula Kaaya

Danida A – D, Polling Station, in 2016 became center of forgery and a determining factor for Hon. Igeme Samson Nabeta to be declared winner in 2016 Elections.

He obtained 187 votes at this polling station but connived with the Electoral Commission Officials to forge results giving him 502 votes against Mwiru’s 226 Votes.

The total turn up of voters according to the Presidential Election Results on this particular day and polling station was 418 voters.

That’s how lies and falsification failed to prove a point. How could 502 people vote for one candidate yet only 418 turned up and voted for all candidates.

High Court based on this evidence to declare Mwiru as the duly elected Member of Parliament which Igeme challenged in the Appellant Court leading to a bi election.

Last week at this polling station Danida A – D, Mwiru got 194 votes against Igeme’s 124. How could Igeme’s support decline from 502 votes to 128 if indeed he was speaking the truth?

The weather in Jinja was the worst since the campaigns started. It rained from 4:00am to 5:30pm affecting the voter turnout.

In 2016 general elections Igeme forged results and he was erroneously declared winner with 7770 votes against Mwiru’s 7635 votes.

Mwiru Paul has competed with Igeme Nabeta three times in general elections. He has been cheated twice but won twice in the bi elections 2012 and 2018. He only conceded defeat in 2006 when Igeme won him with a margin of about 615 votes.

Igeme has since received two knockouts. Mwiru got 6,654 against Nabeta’s 5,043 votes winning the Jinja Municipality East Constituency for the second time in a bi election. This Constituency has a total of 28,493 voters.

Rajab Semakula Kaaya

FDC NEC Member

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