Museveni meets ‘God’ ahead of Easter celebrations

President with Owobusobozi

As the anticipation of the Easter Mood continues taking over people of different classes across the world, President Museveni has also started sharing love with the annointed men.

On Saturday afternoon, the Head of State met with Hoima’s self-styled ‘God’ Ow’obusobozi Bisaka one of the most influential people in the area.

President met his ‘highness’ at Kisengwe Trading Centre in Kakumiro where he was chief guest at district’s belated Women’s Day celebrations.

The duo, shared light moments together and interacted about some issues better known to them.

Museveni said that the government was on track in providing necessary services such as security, electricity, education and health facilities, citizens needed to do their part in fighting household poverty and safeguarding themselves from HIV/Aids for Uganda to develop.

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