Suspected Iron bar hit-man arrested

The Uganda Police Force has in custody a man suspected to be an iron bar hit-man. Pegged to, one of the bedeviled gangs that target boda boda riders, robbing them of their motorcycles. This came after the suspect was found with a list of 18 number plates which he could not account for.

The suspect identified as Robert Okello was arrested by police in Amuriat. With a brand new motorcycle embedded with an old plate registration number, UEO 698K, a situation, which raised suspicion amongst the residents, who later alerted the police.

Upon Okello’s arrest Uganda Police Force units confirmed that the motorcycle found in his possession was stolen and reported missing by Gerald Mubangizi a resident of Kikaaya.

Police also discovered a list of 18 number plates saved in the suspect’s phone. In partnership with Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) the law keeping unit was able to ascertain the particulars of the rightful owners of the car plate numbers. And established that majority of the registered unit owners had been murdered in cold blood or currently bed ridden, following a motorcycle misdemeanor.

Below is a the list of motorcycle number plates found in Okello’s phone directory;
UEQ 770D, UEP 493V, UEN 987L, UEM 825X, UEL 994E, UEH 880Y, UEH 950X, UEO 981Z, UEQ 402H, UER 434F, UEL 846Y, UEO 402H, UEP 200K, and UEH 679Y.

Okello is currently detained at Kira Road Police Station – a case file CRB 18/2018.


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