I am too busy to notice Diamond’s boring sextape- Zari finally speaks out



Socialite and ex wife to Tanzanian musician Diamod Platinumz, Zari Hassan has said that she is mature and old enough to pay attention to young people who are putting their sexual lives in the public.

While posting on her social media platform, Zari said that Diamond is boring and so she has no time to focus on Diamond and his private life. She also adds that her fans expect much from her than commenting on the private issues of someone that is in her past.

“Play Smart. Act like you didn’t notice anything,” she posted.

Much more, Zari says that its very shameful that Diamond Platnumz can afford to put his bedroom life in the public eye yet he has young children who will be affected by his actions,

“Diamond is supposed to be a model father and he is failing at it. He does not know that he has children who look up to him and can be affected by his actions,” said a bitter Zari.

Zari has also blamed Diamond for failing to look after his children. According to Zari, Diamond has never visited the children since their separation.

It should be known that a threesome sex tape of Diamond, Hamissa Mobetto and another unidentified woman leaked yesterday night which caused public attention and very many people condemning Diamond for his actions.

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