Jenneth Prischa’s New Song “Too Paco” a call to action for nodding syndrome victims

Jenneth Prischa’s New Song “Too Paco” a call to action for nodding syndrome victims

Northern Uganda female music icon, Jenneth Prischa has thrown her weight behind the campaign to see kids battling nodding syndrome get the much demanded attention and support through her new song.

The advocacy song “Too Paco” translated to mean death at home is crafted around the theme of Nodding syndrome, a neurological disease characterised by head nodding, seizures and retarded growth. Its little known disease that has left hundred of children dead and thousands helpless across Northern Uganda’s district of Kitgum, Pader and Omoro.

“We have been living in denial for all these years, the time is now to save our children. if the politicians have decided to go silent I am sure through music we will speak to the souls listening to the messages’

People need to realise that nodding syndrome is real and here to stay, As government forges way forward, locally on ground we need to act with faith surely believing there is something we can do to bring attention to this seemingly neglected humanitarian crisis.

“It was disheartening when the minister of health alleged that the children suffering in our region where merely battling with cases of epilepsy and not nodding syndrome”

With all the absurdity surrounding the issues of nodding syndrome like funds being misused or stolen out of greed. One cannot simply seat back and live the innocent generation die just like that.

You have watched these innocent children left to die on TV, read about them in news and here we are with Too Paco speaking that one language in music that cuts across all regions.

Attached; Animated Video Demo, Sample Audio, Lyrics and Photos

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